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Many State and Local agencies including Fire/rescue departments, EMS, Law Enforcement agencies and other municipalities lack the funds to procure much needed new equipment. Kevin Adams of Municipal Financing, LLC, will assist in identifying and obtaining funds required to help municipalities in purchasing American Airboat Corp. products.

You may contact Kevin Adams at:
Phone: 888-878-5748 ext.31

How does the Simple Funding Program Work
Funding requirements of $500,000 or less qualify for our Simple funding Program. Funding under is as simple as a one-page application and one year of financial history. Once approved, we prepare the contract with no legal opinion required and the much needed equipment can then be obtained by the municipality. This is a tried and proven process that is accepted by Government agencies. This process saves you time and the rates for the Simple Funding Program are competitive with any in the country.

Benefits of the Simple Funding

  • One Page Credit Application
  • No Legal Opinion Required
  • 100% Financing
  • Payments to fit the budget
  • “Bundling” – may include other equipment
Municipal Financing is available to State and Local

  • Fire Departments
  • Police Departments
  • Emergency Services Units
  • Harbor Authorities
  • Port Authorities
  • Search & Rescue
  • Geological Survey Groups
  • Parks and Wildlife Departments
  • Fish and Game Authorities
For more information on the Simple Funding Process or Municipal Financing, please contact:
Kevin Adams
Phone: 888-878-5748 ext.31

Would like to learn more about utilizing a grant? There are several grants out there specifically for rescue, response and tactical watercraft. Below are some links to websites that supply respective grant information. Click on the listing to the right to be taken to the appropriate website.

Here are some of the latest grant opportunities available to you.

Building Disaster-Resilient Communities in Latin America and the Caribbean

Disaster Relief (Flood)

FEMA Grants

Walmart Grants for VFD

If you need any assistance concerning this information or the process, please contact Stan Floyd at or by phone at (800) 241-6390. We look forward to helping you.