Chambers County Sheriff’s Office

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the great product and service that you have provided the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office in our two airboats. Your help from the very beginning of this undertaking has been very instrumental in making the whole process go smoother than I thought possible. I appreciate your insight into the design and construction of the boats from the very start of the project. You and your staff made some welcome recommendations that we incorporated into the boats. I was very happy that you found a way to put features into our boats that you do not normally put on a boat and I appreciate your listening to me and understanding what I did and did not want on our boats and working with me to make the best fit we could.

Now that we have taken delivery on our boats, I am more appreciative that we were able to buy your boat. The boats are rock steady in deep water and perform fantastically on marsh grass and dry ground. I have only dreamed of having such an airboat since I ran my first one as a rookie Game Warden in 1985. We are proud to show off our boats to anyone that will look and have had nothing but positive comments from people that have seen them at events such as Gatorfest or when we have patrolled or done rescues in the Trinity River marsh. The boats are steady, smooth, easily controlled, powerful and a dream to operate. They have no shimmy, flex or “looseness” to them at all. I have never felt so comfortable operating an airboat in deep water.

I hear from Deputy Hector Gonzalez and our mechanic, Gene Morgan, that you and your staff put one boat under close scrutiny today for the first 25 hour inspection. I certainly appreciate your service and the way your mechanic explained to Gene what to do and look for when he is doing maintenance on the boats. Our mechanic was very complimentary of the help your staff gave him and their thoroughness in explaining the boat to him. I look forward to getting enough hours on the other boat to have it checked also. The yearly inspections that you provide are another great part of your service after the sale.

I am totally impressed with American Airboats and the experience of designing, constructing, purchasing and service that you have provided so far. I would highly recommend to anyone buying an airboat for law enforcement patrol, search and rescue or any high risk operation talk to you first to get a boat that fits their needs, as well as anyone else looking for a top quality boat with customer care after the sale.

Best Regards,
Bobby Jobes
Deputy Chambers County Sheriff’s Office
Marine Division

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