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Charles V.


You guys and gals delivered the perfect boat. I could not be more pleased with the fabrication, camo paint, engine performance,… My wife thinks it’s a great looking boat. Thanks, Faron and Faron for helping me make the motor decision. Thank you Stan for all of your suggestions. Faron, Stan and Faron; this boat is…

Johnnie & Linda R.


We love the boat. Thanks for building it. It’s just perfect for us. Johnnie thinks it is even more than he imagined and he imagined it to be good, but it is awesome. We are going to have so much fun in this boat for many, many years to come. She already has a name—-Monster…



Madison is turning into a pretty good little duck hunter…….sure is fun watching both the kids hunt. Both of them did real well this past weekend in poc…..Hope everything is good with you and your family….I really do enjoy the Ranger. Have a good one. Danny

W. Wehman


I wanted to thank you for building such an amazing airboat. I have owned several airboats in the past and this one is far superior than anything that I have driven. My expectations were high and this boat is way better than I thought possible. It will literally go anywhere. Hard sand, no problem. Like…



To American Airboat Corporation, Our finished AIRRANGER. Last week it was at our County Fair on display, nothing but nice comments on the boat and workmanship. This week we have had it on the river once already and getting ready for a second day. It handled outstanding and is a dream to operate. Thanks for…

T. Dunnam


To the Staff of American Airboats, My first contact with Faron back in Early 2005, was a result of my research of airboat manufacturers. I had first visited another shop down the road and was not impressed at all by their operations. Upon arrival at American airboats I was impressed at the cleanliness of the…

Sheriff Nancy Hove


Last year our department received a grant for an airboat. We looked at several places but we were drawn to American Airboat Corporation. My deputy contacted them and gave them what we needed. After a short time we were called and told it was ready for pick up. I went with my deputy to Orange…

Randy & Michael H.


My dad and I want to say thanks for taking the time to talk with us about what kind of hull to go with and the options we needed for what we were going to do with it. The Rhino hull with the 496 and the master blaster prop. The boat has the performance like…

Deb & Bob


It doesn’t matter where we go with the AirRanger, Faron, people are just amazed at the quality and say they’ve never seen anything like it. Every time we’re on the interstate, there are people staying back along side of it taking pictures and giving a thumbs up when they come by. It’s hard to pull…

Richard M.


As you know, I purchased a fully optioned 20X8 American Airboat AirRanger in 2008. This has been a versatile machine for coastal marsh and river use. To say that we are pleased with the workmanship and performance of the boat would be an understatement. This airboat is a blast! Any your sales and support staff…